We've already started on our journey but we haven't left home yet.  For those of you here in Portland, you've already been with us on the first leg of our trip.

This trip started with the purchase of our motor home in September.  During the winter we replaced the carpet with engineered hardwood and installed a solar power system.  The latter was quite a project!  (Part of the project involved driving to Seattle during the worst snowstorm of the winter, maybe even the decade.  But I'll only cover that if you ask me to.)  We also spent a lot of time trying to learn about motor homes so we can hopefully avoid some of the pitfalls.

Another part of our adventure was the simplifying our life part.  Making all one's possessions fit in a space smaller than 200 square feet is no small task.  Our moving sale was a stunning success, and we donated countless loads of other items that weren't worth selling.  We spent many hours scanning papers from our four-drawer file cabinet and now they fit on a thumb drive.  It was a grueling project, and we never would have completed it if we didn't have a deadline approaching.

The house sale took longer than we anticipated, but that turned out to be a good thing.  We needed every extra day we had to complete the simplification process.  The closing date was extended a week, and then finally a full ten days from the original date.  Good thing, because we were still struggling to get everything packed up and loaded into the motorhome on the closing day.  We were supposed to be out by 5 pm, but thankfully the new owner hadn't completed his packing yet, so we didn't need to rush.  We ended up moving the last thing into the motor home around 11 pm.  We were so tired we spent our first night in the motorhome parked on the street right outside our old house.

 our motor home next to our old house
Old home / new home (both the shortest and longest move we've ever made)

Here's a video I made as I was working on my solar power project.  I plan to create sequels from footage I still have in my camera.  Hopefully I'll have some spare time during our trip to work on editing and uploading the other videos.