Our house sold in early March and the adventure began in earnest as we moved into the motor home.  The next day we were ready for our first mission:

To dump the tanks.  A fully self-contained, solar-powered motorhome is an awesome thing.  It's like living completely unplugged.  It reminds me of the day I switched from land-line phone service to cell-phone only.  You have everything you need right with you, all the time.  But there's one big thing you can't avoid.  Just like people, when an RV's gotta go, you know, you can't wait too long.

Pablo the cat looks out the window toward back of the RV

Pablo supervises the tank-dumping operations

I'm wondering if you're thinking that we're having an exciting time or that it must be a real hassle.  Well, the answer is, it's both!  Actually I wouldn't say it's that much of a hassle.  But I agree with a fellow blogger who posted, a couple of years ago, 29 Reasons Living in an RV is Better Than Living in a House. I totally agree with most of the reasons Heath and Alyssa list there.  Some of my favorites:

3. RVing across the country makes you not take normal things for granted.

14. It takes five minutes to clean the entire house. Six minutes if you vacuum.

27. The RV lifestyle reinforces not living a “comfortable life.”

29. It teaches you to value experiences over belongings, and relationships over work.

In fact these were some of the reasons we've decided to make this big leap at this time in our lives.