Ed sledding at White SandsOn our way to Roswell, we stopped at White Sands, NM. On the satellite map, it’s a big white blob, and that’s exactly what it looks like close up. The sand is very nearly white and it looks a lot like snow. This is the only national monument I know of where you’re encouraged to muss it up. The visitor center has sleds so you can play on the sandy hills.

The sand is soft and tiny, so it is more comfortable than sledding on snow. We slid down the hills very slowly even though they were steep. We arrived when a storm was approaching, so it was warm, windy, and cloudy. This was a good thing since it's usually burning hot on the sands. Apparently, most tourists visit during the hottest parts of the year, so we were almost completely alone.

The only difficult part was getting up to the top of the hill, especially while carrying the sled. We decided that one of us would climb and then the person at the bottom would throw the sled up to the top like a frisbee. That worked really well until the wind caught it and it flew along the ground for about a quarter mile. It’s a good thing we have a teenager to chase runaway frisbees.

We brought Pablo out, thinking he would love the sand. He hated it and was anxious to get back into the RV. The rest of us, including Gussy, had a great time. Pablo invented his own fun later.

There goes the frisbee-sled.

There goes the frisbee-sled!


Gussy at White Sands

Gus-Gus turns into a puppy whenever his feet touch sand. When there's no water in sight, he's even happier.



Pablo sitting in the sled

Pablo had no use for the sand, but he claimed the sled as soon as we were ready to return it.