We’ve passed through Roswell, NM and now we’re in the very big state of Texas. Out the window are vast empty spaces with nothing but windmills and oil drills. If it weren’t for those windmills and oil drills, it would appear that Texas is largely uninhabited with the exception of a small, dusty town every 20 miles or so.

After visiting the Alien Museum in Roswell and the big emptiness of Texas, it occurs to me that there’s a lot of space on and around this earth. But I don’t have any of it..well, at least not much of it.

RV living requires a careful management of a small amount of living space so that we’re not buried up to our elbows in possessions. In fact, space is the biggest thing you have little of. It is possible to cram far more into an RV than we have, but then it would be unsafe to drive. Weight is also an important consideration, but the most important reason to reduce our possessions is that this house moves at speeds up to 75 mph, depending on the part of the country we’re in. So things fly around if they’re not secured inside something or strapped down.

With that in mind, there are several rules we try to follow which make it easier to keep the space we have uncluttered.


1. Every piece of furniture should have two or more purposes. There are only a few exceptions to this rule, but those exceptions are lightweight or fold up. All furniture must be seat belted or strapped down.

Inside RV
In front, the ottoman that turns into a bed. Above that is my magnetic spice rack. My apron isn't just there for show; it holds the dish soap bottle and other handy items. The only basket i kept (boohoo!) is the one that holds bread. It hangs under the counter so that it doesn't slide.


2. Hang things up. We have hooks all over the place so that our items stay put and stay out of the way.

hanging storage inside RV

Utensils hang above the stove and even the teapot has to hang up when not in use. We kept a few decorative items and use magnets to keep them in place.


3. No items can be left on counter tops. For obvious reasons, it can be dangerous to leave items sitting around on the stove, counters, or even the floor. The only exception is the cat and dog bowls. They have rubber on the bottom and don't slide even when provoked. If we put the cat food on the floor, the dog will eat it.

Inside RV
Pablo likes to look at himself in the mirror. Above his food are our only drinking cups.

4. Everything has a place. This sounds harder than it really is. We don't have individual places for each item, rather, we have places for the categories of items--off-season clothes, electronics, tools, kitchen items, etc.

Storage inside RV
Above our little washing machine are the rag rack and our only dish cabinet. This holds everything but pans and cups. Pans go in the oven and the grill sits nicely on top of the stove under the stove cover. Dirty whites are put in the washer; colors go into the laundry bag next to the washer. The laundry bag is also secured to a hook in the wall.

Gussy in dogseat
Gussy's place is always right next to Mommy.


5. The cat has priority when it comes to sitting and lounging. This has no practical reason. We just love him. But, however we place his cat trees and platforms, he will find a plastic bucket, shoe tray, or sink to lay in. We give him comfy places anyway, and sometimes he uses them.

Pablo inside RV
Before we open the slide-out, we always make sure we know where Pablo is.

Pablo under dashboard
Under the dashboard is where it's warm.

Pablo on seat
Leather is nice!

Pablo sleeping
Traveling is hard work!