A big advantage of having a motor home instead of a fifth wheel is that you are in your home while you're traveling. So we don't need fast food, we always have our toothbrushes, and we drive right by the rest areas.

A big problem with having a motor home is you are in your home while you're traveling. So I occasionally move around, make lunch for the family, fetch things, or nap. But none of these things are as easy as they used to be, because anything I do must be done at a speed meant only for cheetahs and animals trying to avoid being eaten by cheetahs. It makes lunch an interesting preparation experience and a nap about as restful as a trip to the gym. I’ll let you know if it results in my getting into better shape.

So far, the cat and the dog have lost weight from learning to balance on the move. After a little practice, the cat has become quite good at sitting on the dashboard with his leg in the air, but every once in a while, he flies off the dashboard with his tongue still out. The dog, on the other hand, couldn’t stay on his feet when we were perfectly still, so I don’t expect he’ll get any better at it. This does not stop him from trying to walk around, but it is quite entertaining.

I keep thinking I’ll get used to the movement, like getting sea legs.

I’m still waiting.

Gussy riding shotgun
This looks like a relaxed dog. It's actually a falling dog. The RV was sitting still at the time.