Throughout the trip, we’ve managed to keep busy, working on the RV, getting to meetings and out in service as well as our other spiritual activities. But we've still been feeling like we’re on vacation. And now, we’ve started to feel like we need to get back to work. So it’s a good thing we have a job.For the second time in my life, I applied for a job by distance, interviewed by email and phone, and was hired. This is definitely a bit of a dream job. Every time Ed and I would go camping, we’d think how nice it would be to be the hosts at the campground. So now we get to try it. Ed and I are both going to work part-time at a campground in upstate NY. The campground is 45 minutes from Walkill and 90 minutes from Patterson and Warwick. It’s in the rurals, and I mean RURAL! The population of the town is about 700, and according to a sister who used to live there, it has a gas station.It’s only about 25 minutes from the nearest Kingdom Hall. But that’s really too far to be asking for rides for very long, so we are shopping for a car tomorrow before we arrive at the park. Since the car is for service and meetings, we trust Jehovah will help us make a wise decision.Over the years, we’ve made good and bad decisions when it comes to car purchasing, and one thing we’ve learned is, it’s best to buy a car when you don’t desperately need one. Unfortunately, we are definitely needing a car this time, but we’re going to use what we learned and not be afraid to walk away from a bad deal. But I do love shopping for cars. The adventure of the deal, the adrenaline of haggling, the threatening to leave without purchasing anything, the making the salesperson do math as his commission dwindles—it’s all fun to me. Maybe it’ll make a good story. In any case, it'll be nice to drive something with only two axles.