Is it possible the Bright Outlook guarantee could cause problems for some customers? Watch this video to find out!

This commercial, although obviously just meant to be humorous, is based on a real-life situation. Right before this video was made, I actually had a customer ask me where I had taken her window that I had just washed.

It was right in front of her the whole time!

This entry is for historical purposes.  Bright Outlook no longer does business in Oregon.  However feel free to call us if you are looking for a window cleaner in either the Portland area or Northeastern Oregon and we will refer you to a good window cleaner.

Bright Outlook has customers in Portland, Lake Oswego, Beaverton, Tigard, Gresham, Yamhill, and McMinnville.

Call us today for professional window cleaning for your home, store, or small office building



Why calling Bright Outlook for professional window cleaning is a "bright" idea:

  • The first thing your guests see is your windows. Make a good first impression!
  • Bright Outlook delivers premium service at a competitive price.
  • Over 25 years' experience washing windows.
  • Hundreds of satisfied customers!
  • We guarantee your windows to be the cleanest they've ever been--every time we clean them!

And the best reason:

  • Clean, professionally maintained windows make you feel better!

Call Bright Outlook today!



Bright Outlook at work (newspaper photo)

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